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About Our Immigration Law Office

Immigration Matters was founded by Sukhram Ramkissoon in the mid-1980s. Run today by Mr. Ramkissoon and his daughter Cindy, our firm strives to provide hands-on support to folks who are migrating to Canada. Ultimately, our goal is to help clients successfully migrate, while easing the stress and anxiety associated with the immigration process.

Mr. Sukhram Ramkissoon: Owner/RCIC

Mr. Ramkissoon — or as he is fondly known as "Mr. Ram" — was born in Penal, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies and worked for the prestigious law firm of M. Hamel Smith & Co. prior to migrating to Canada in 1975.

Mr. Ram practices and specializes in Canadian immigration law. Prior to starting his own practice, he worked for the Law Firm of Charles Roach, a well-known civil rights, and immigration attorney. Here, he acquired experience and expertise in all branches of immigration law. He currently operates Immigration Matters alongside his daughter and is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Mr. Sukhram Ramkissoon

Community Work & Contributions
Along with serving the community as an immigration consultant, Mr. Ram has written columns about immigration issues, primarily through Toronto's Caribbean Camera newspaper, since 1987. He has also been featured in the Toronto Sun, CBC NEWS and RADIO, the Grenada Broadcast, and the T & T Mirror of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr. Ram's is internationally recognized as one of the best minds in the field and was the recipient of the "Stalwart Award" in 2008.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Ramkissoon stated, "Throughout my career, I believe that I have made a difference in thousands of lives in Canada, and the success I have achieved could not have been accomplished without the faith and confidence my clients placed in me". He dedicated his award to his clients, family, and Mr. Charles Roach. Mr. Roach departed this world in 2012 and he will be greatly missed by all those that he affected.

Mr. Ram has a reputation of taking on some of the toughest immigration cases and is well respected by his clients, peers, and colleagues. He continues to write weekly articles in the Caribbean Camera. His daughter Cindy Ramkissoon-Shears is a full partner in his practice in Toronto, and his son Ronald Ramkissoon works out of the Scarborough office.

Mrs. Cindy Ramkissoon-Shears: Co-Owner/RCIC

Mrs. Ramkissoon-Shears has served as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant since the establishment of the regulatory body in 2004. In partnership with her father, Sukhram, she operates the family-owned Immigration Matters in Toronto.

Mrs. Cindy Ramkissoon-Shears

In addition to her standard professional duties, Mrs. Ramkissoon-Shears was privileged to take part in the first online Certificate Program with CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants) e-Academy as a course author in 2009. She was responsible for authoring the "Temporary Residence in Canada" portion of their program and worked as an instructor until February 2012.

After her stint with CSIC, Mrs. Ramkissoon-Shears began working with Ashton College in Vancouver as an online instructor. Today, she divides her time between instructional duties and Immigration Matters, where she is responsible for day-to-day management, marketing prospective clients, and dealing with current immigration issues, all while staying abreast of any changes made to Canadian immigration law.

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